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Family Law settlement

Family Law proceedings can often be costly and protracted. Settling a Family Law parenting or property matter out of court has many benefits and is often the preferred option of many separating couples as it allows them to reach an agreement on their own terms, rather than having a Judge decide.

If you are separated or have separated, an agreement can be reached out of court and a solicitor can draft a legally binding agreement for you and your ex-partner, without you having to attend court. For example, you can have an agreement drafted as “Consent Orders” which is filed with the court, together with an Application for Consent Orders.

You can have Consent Orders for parenting and property matters. The Consent Orders are legally binding and enforceable if one party does not comply with any of the Orders.

If Family Law proceedings have been commenced, you may still reach an agreement with your ex-partner during the proceedings and ask the Judge to make Orders “by consent”.

Auslawyers can assist you if you require a legally binding agreement drafted by an experienced Lawyer.

Alternatively, if you have not reached an agreement with the other party, we can also assist in the negotiation of a settlement.

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